Android TV Sony XR-55X90J Lag

  • 29 December 2022
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Hi all, I bought Shadow Power Upgrade to get the maximum performance. If I connect from my mobile phone it can be seen very well and does not lag even at 4k 70mbit. On the TV it is fine at times, at times there are lag of about 500ms.

7 replies

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Hi @gcorp1987 

I am a bit confused are you using your phone to cast to the tv? Is your phone directly hooked up to the tv? Are you running shadow natively on the tv? Is your tv in game mode? 

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I'm using Shadow natively on the tv. Android 3.14.1 application. Sometimes I see that it responds well to commands, sometimes I find lag. If I close and reopen the app it seems to fix itself almost completely. Sometimes it's just fine.

Hello can i you help me!

Please resolve my problem

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Does your TV have game mode as a selectable option? That should reduce the post-processing of the application and allow for a more responsive feel. 

Practically equal. If I change the resolution, nothing changes. I've already set the game mode it's still the same thing. If I exit and re-enter Shadow several times the problem is solved.