Anybody have Xbox One controller working with macOS Big Sur?

  • 11 February 2021
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I am running macOS Big Sur (11.2.1) but for the life of me can’t get my Xbox One controller to connect. The Xbox controller is plugged into my Mac via hardwire USB.

I don’t even see any USB settings in the Shadow macOS launcher. What am I missing?


Here is the version of the Shadow client I am running:




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The option to forward USB devices appears under the “My Shadow” section of the Settings, at least in newer clients (I’m running the same macOS version as you, but with the beta client, 3.9.7.

However, USB device forwarding is not supposed to be needed for the supported controllers to work, and the Xbox One controllers are supported.

I just verified that using a wired XBO controller with Shadow does not work, so it appears there may be a regression in the app, or some other conflict with macOS 11.2.1. I’ve tested with two XBO controllers, an “original” and an “S” model. Neither works in Shadow via USB (nor shows up as a connected controller in the Quick Menu). If I switch the “S” model to Bluetooth, it does work in Shadow.

I also tested with Nvidia’s GFN, and the “S” controller connected via USB doesn’t work there either, but the “original” controller does.

Lastly, with the Shadow client closed, and using Chrome to browse, the “original” controller works with that site, but the “S” controller does not when using USB.

@justink101 which model of the XBO controller are you using?


I have also errors with my ps4 controller at the moment. I have contacted Shadow Support by email, they are telling me this: “Currently, this is a known issue where macOS Big Sur is not fully compatible with our USB drivers. Our team is currently looking into this however at this time we do not have a resolution for this. “


This is bummer. I just got my Shadow Boost yesterday, and the fact that my Xbox One controller doesn't work is nearly a non-starter.

I tried upgrading to the beta version, but the beta update processes always gets’s stuck. I created a bug report for this new issue at  



Jim29er, thanks for the reply.


I also confirm that Gamepad Tester sees my Xbox One controller in macOS Big Sur (Chrome browser), but my controller does not work in my Shadow Boost.



If you haven’t been able to resolve the issue yet, please check out our article here: How to Enable USB Drivers on macOS Big Sur – Shadow - Support (EN)