anyone usingbshadow on a pi?

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Wondering if anyone has tried getting shadow to work on raspberry pi? I got a few laying around I might give it a shot.


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Wondering if anyone has tried getting shadow to work on raspberry pi? I got a few laying around I might give it a shot.

I believe the fact that it uses ARM-64 instead of x64 or x32 (I think that’s correct..?) combined with the fact that it can’t support the encoding that Shadow uses makes it impossible at the moment. Someone did manage to get it working a while back, although I have no clue how. 

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I know ExaGear let's you run x86 programs on pi

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Hi drukqaddik

as @AdamCF said, The raspberry uses an ARM processor, the Shadow application for Linux is not compatible with ARM processors.
They also advise against installing an Android system. Although the Shadow for Android application is ARM compatible, it is specially light, made to fit mobile devices.


It works fine on the Asus tinker board (under android)

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If you can install android on the pi maybe you can use the Android version.

For shadow pc to work on the pi 4 I found steam link works ok. I did find this new method to connect using moonlight and zerotier which is awesome and I highly recommend it. 

As far as the raspberry being arm based, so is shadow ghost and the pi4 can EASILY handle streaming with the shadow client, both arm 32bit if they made it available or arm 64bit. It’s just a matter of the devs actually taking the time to compile for and support the pi4. Hell, I would pay for a pi4 client before I even considered buying a shadow ghost. 

My pi4 is my main computer, I use it daily for everything, including connecting to shadow pc. I see no reason for this board to not be supported as it’s easily capable enough. I have steam installed on here, can play some steam titles and I can play x86 linux binary games like Urban Terror or Unepic without any issues. So as someone who know’s fully what the pi4 is capable of I find it very irritating to hear people say it can’t handle something like the shadow pc client. I throw heavier stuff at my pi4 than the shadow client daily without issue. 

Forgot to post links for you…

This is to get moonlight setup on the pi4.

This is to get zerotier working

@phoenixbyrd It sounds interesting. I currently use a Pi4 with steamlink as well. Can you comment what is the benefit of moonlight? Is the quality better or the lag?

@soja With moonlight I’ve noticed better video quality and latency comparable to the official shadow pc app. With steam link I’ve experienced poor video quality and latency. 

Installed LineageOS on my RaspberryPI 4 + PlayStore
Successfully installed and launched Shadow Client
Stable connexion Internet (+50mb/s download/upload)
But got an input latency (most games unplayable) :/
Guess that’s already something for now ^^
Waiting for an ARM release

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Nice, sucks you can't play. But progress.

@phoenixbyrd so am I understanding you correctly; The ARM situation prevents Shadow from running on the pi, however with Moonlight, this bypasses that issue? Effectively running Shadow on the pi?