Audio Interface Focusrite Scarlett Solo 3rd gen does not work

  • 31 December 2020
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Hi guys recently I bought a professional mic and an audio interface Focusrite Scarlett Solo 3rd gen and after installing the device software shadow does not recognise the focusrite sound driver, does anyone had this issue before? 


Please guys let me know, happy holidays,



4 replies

Hello @MikyWony ,

I am currently working on setting up my interface with Shadow. I’m using a Scarlett 18i20 2nd gen. The audio is currently coming out of shadow, but I am having trouble getting my Microphones to work. I know you posted 30 days ago, so I was wondering if you were able to figure out the issues you were having. I may be able to help!


Hi @Jrdlg ,

I could not get my Rode NT1 to work with shadow, I guess is something that shadow still has to work on, compatibility with professional mics and other sound devices etc.

Hopefully, in the near future, it will be okay.


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I couldn't agree more. I purchased a professional gaming mic and i could not get it connected. I have had audio issues with shadow since i started with them.


my latest device connects via usb and works perfectly well on my local computer the one which i use for shadow. The second i connect to shadow and try test the mic the sound is very distorted and cannot be made out. I managed to get it working this evening very briefly and sampled a video on you tube and my ping shot above 2k it was ridiculously high. 

ive reached out to shadow support who have been unable to help. In fact they have said my issue is down to my isp being the issue. They asked if i could connect directly to my router, i pointed out that this isn't possible for every1 and this is my case. I connect via the next best thing which is my wifi extender with ethernet to my computer.  

i am not buying this stuff that they are saying about it being the router this that and the next. The problem is that shadow are just incapable of having this compatibility and the likes at the moment but will not admit that because alot of people will leave. 

i really hope this issue can be resolved very soon and also for yourself my friend. If not i will be left with no issue but to leave and ensure i write a review stating the issues ive had. 

best of luck my friend. 

 I’m using pro tools and my eleven rack audio interface works fine for routing sound to my speakers for video games but refuses to route sound out of the DAW. I’m thinking maybe it’s pro tools.. has anyone had any success/failure with any other DAWs?