Device for 5120 x 2160p x 60 Hz Display

  • 1 April 2021
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Hi folks,

I need a bit of help here. I bought a screen with 5120 x 2160p x 60 Hz resolution and have now noticed that the Shadow Ghost does not support the format and I need a device with DP. Can anyone recommend a cheap device to me what this resolution can represent?

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Hi @nicz01 

Some notes on your quest. Here are calculated bandwidth to resolution for shadow: The recomended bandwidth for h.264 Resolution/Refresh rate (only calculated) 2160p(4k) 144fps 160-290Mbit/s ----------Max. 70Mbit 1440p(2K) 144fps 70-145Mbit/s 2160p(4K) 60fps 65–120Mbit/s 1080p 240fps 60-120Mbit/s 1080p 144fps 35-70Mbit/s 2160p(4K) 30fps 33-60Mbit/s 1440p(2K) 60fps 30-60Mbit/s 720p 144fps 25-50Mbit/s 1440p(2K) 30fps 15-30Mbit/s 1080p 60fps 15-30Mbit/s 720p 60fps 10-20 Mbit/s 480p 144fps 10-20Mbit/s 1080p 30fps 8-15Mbit/s 480p 60fps 6-12Mbit/s 720 30fps 5-10Mbit/s 360p 144fps 5-10Mbit/s 480p 30fps 3-6 Mbit/s ----------Min. 5Mbit 360p 60fps 2-4 Mbit/s