Does the new Chromecast with Google TV work with the Shadow Andriod TY app?

  • 7 November 2020
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Hi Guys, 

Maybe i want to buy the new chromecast with Google TV. 
Do you guys have any experience how well the Shadow Android TV app is working on this device?
I am planning to use it with the Xbox One Wireless controller. 

Its a fairly new device and i am hoping somebody tested it and can give me some feedback :) 
Its maybe a good alternative from the Shadow Ghost, is cheap and the availability is better than he shadow Ghost (havent seen the Ghost in stock for a long time in the EU sadly).  


3 replies



I have the new chromecast and an android TV box so I am also really interested in how well it works. I will be swapping device types a lot so can’t wait to get activated. 


I use the shadow app on the new chromecast with mixed results - when it works it is great.

It connects to my xbox controller via bluetooth with no problems, but the overall experience really depends on the game you want to play. 

Console type games work great like Assassin’s Creed or The Division.  PC heavy games are a pain in the bum as you often get stuck on a secondary loading screen or splash screen with no way to progress without a mouse and keyboard. 

I often have to switch to shadow on my phone then back to the tv.  So if you have an air-mouse or a keyboard connected to your tv you will enjoy the experience a lot more.

I also get better FPS on my TV than on my pc & 144hz monitor.

I use the shadow on the new google TV and it works great at 1080p. I can connect my switch pro controller and bluetooth keyboard and mouse with not much issue. I’ve even got the stadia controller working via usb C cable, but I have a 4K TV and the app doesn’t recognize that it is a 4K TV and so I am forced to set a custom resolution in the Nvidia control panel. This however results in a large increase in input lag. Hope someone has run into that issue and has any tips