Dolby 5.1 on Shield TV possible?

  • 3 January 2023
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Hi all, 

I am using my Shadow with Shield TV and it's working awesome. No lags and great performance. But there is one thing I am missing. I am getting no Dolby 5.1 sound on my Shield TV. For my PC's 5.1 is working fine.

Why is there no 5.1 for the Shield TV? Or am I wrong? 

2 replies

Addendum: Okay, there is no true Dolby signal for the PC either. It is only a room sound which is simulated.
So there is no real Dolby signal via Shadow at all?

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I know it's not an ideal fix, but in the past, I forwarded via USB a USB audio card that I had to get 5.1 surround sound for myself.  

I hope that helps - Gelgoog.