Elite dangerous xbox controller.

  • 27 June 2020
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I have real issues when trying to use an xbox controller for elite dangerous over shadow from a Windows 10 laptop. Controller works fine in all other games, is recognised by shadow and can control steam big picture.

I've tried running the game from big picture, changing all the general controller settings still no joy. 

The only thing that gets it working is restarting shadow over and over, and then it seems totally random when the controller is recognised in game.

Anyone else have this issue with elite dangerous in particular? Do I need to connect the controller in a certain order or something? 

(Ps the Controller works on nvidia now for elite dangerous, which is what I have to resort too of I can't be bothered to restart loads! Booo 🙁)

Everything else is great though and shadow is the best thing since bannas came in bunches. 

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