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  • 2 June 2020
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Hi. Using the Shadow Ghost for a year. Looking for idea witch Bluetooth Headset  will works 100%. Tryed few of them, non of them works properly (usualy problems with microphone). So… If somebody will share positive expirience I will appreciate it. Thank you


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I've been using my Sony ps4 platinum Bluetooth headset with no problems


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Bluetooth uses profiles and fast profile switching to change modes. 

For audio, it uses Advanced Audio Distribution Profile. This profile allows for the transmission of high-quality stereo audio. Your Bluetooth headphones and car stereo rely on this. Prior to the introduction of A2DP, the quality of Bluetooth audio was rather grainy and suitable only for phone calls.


when you place a call or use the mic the headset configures into mono mode to free up bandwidth for your mic and uses Handsfree Profile (HFP) This profile allows for calls to be answered, ended, and the volume level adjusted from a headset. This is needed in conjunction with A2DP so that the users can switch between listening to music and making calls. 


This is a Bluetooth limitation, not a shadow limitation.

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When you want a wireless headset (no Bluetooth) I could suggest a Corsair VOID RGB Pro Wireless. This headset works flawless for me and I never had any issues with it. Additionally it’s possible to use the Corsair software iCUE to change sound settings and also RGB.

Thank you for advaices. 

Gelgoog​​​​​​  Its too dificult for standart user. 99% services and gadgets works on “plug and play” base. I belive the Shadow have to be the same.


Thank you

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I’ve tried several different headsets and Microphone combinations on my Ghost. When I first revied it worked fine but a few weeks later they released an update and I have not been able to get any headsets USB or otherwise to work at all. 

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I personally use a Razor USB headset, plugged into one of the blue ports, but it requires a low ping connection to Shadow to use USB over IP. Since my ping is right on the edge of what’s acceptable, I sometimes have to restart the stream to reconnect the headphones, although typically once connected, they stay connected for the whole session. Your experience may vary.