i second the tizen, app compatibility or better said (incompatibly)


I too have a Tizen Samsung smart 4k UHD  TV and I mean it's not hard for me to plug in my laptop and just boot shadow and still use my TV specs by putting it in game mode at 60 refresh rate at 1920 1080p fluidly but in the terms of having a " smart " TV, it's app developer community is not popular, tho pretty powerful one, amount of apps for it is pitiful and that compatibility I know is there because there's many apps on the app store just seems that nobody's even tried to develop one that actually does anything remotely. other than watch and or """stream"""" Netflix, Amazon, Disney blah blah. No games, so that being said I think it would be pretty revolutionary for tizen OS to have a shadow OS,  which would completely make my huge pretty dumb smart TV a smart gaming pctv all in one without the necessity of my laptop through HDMI


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