I've been using Windows 11 for months, works find

  • 22 February 2022
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Hi everyone,


I know that Windows 11 isn’t officially supported by Shadow yet but I installed it months ago and my Shadow seems to be working just fine since then, in fact I’d say that most of the time it’s been working better than with Windows 10.

Any thoughts?

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2 replies

Agreed! I was using Windows 11 previously before I canceled and re-subscribed to Shadow. I thought it ran a lot smoother than Windows 10 does as well. 

I’m still in the process of setting everything up with my new Shadow, but it’s now giving me this when trying to install Win11 from the .iso, Insider updates or just checking it. 


Do you still get regular Windows 11 updates? I thought it was going to cut unsupported PCs off at some point.


Interesting. I’m not getting any messages like that, still working fine. Keeping backups of gaming files just in case something happens though!