• 5 December 2020
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Anybody here using iRacing on shadow? Need help on optimization? Let’s support each other here and find better ways for us ‘shadowers’ while iRacing :)

-Vr support
-FPS optimization


-Tips and Help
-------just leave a comment/reply and let’s start a small community

3 replies


Hi, this is a long time after your post but I am struggling running iRacing in vr using quest and virtual desktop- wondered if you could help?


thanks in advance

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@ARedhead sorry for taking so long I haven’t gotten to read anything here. Have you got it working? I leave the full bandwidth on shadow connected with an Ethernet cable, I leave the Virtual Streamer to deal with the bitrate automatically, also I use optimal resolution. 

The other optimizations have been from iRacing in the app.ini and the rendererDX11.ini documents intended for VR. I could share mine with you! Let me know


Hi, thanks very much for the reply. I worked it out thanks- the fix was actually using revive as detailed here

Without using revive I was experiencing weird distortion and stuttering but this totally fixed it for me, now smooth as silk.


thanks again