Is shadow worth buying?

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Shadow is indeed worth buying.  From my 1 year experience I've only had one issue.  But when I contacted them, they replied within an hour or two and fixed it.  I use it to stream, edit videos, and play video games.  I have never got an fps drop nor lagging issues.  So is it worth buying? Yes.

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i’d say it depends on your need but basically it’s a pretty good product


I subscribed as soon as I found out about it from a yt ad. That was about 2 years ago and although there have been some issues along the way, everything has been fixed/improved upon in my experience. I have been loving ever since! Really a great service 👍👍👍

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I’m new to pc gaming and computers just in general. A couple years ago I bought a gaming laptop, and because of being inexperienced in computers, I bought a laptop that was already behind and would need to be upgraded soon. 

I couldn’t return the laptop and couldn’t afford to upgrade it, so it just sat there. Then I got an email from Shadow for their boost package. I read the reviews and watched a couple of youtube videos and decided to check it out.

I don’t run an ethernet cable, I only use wifi.  Since then, all my online classes (still gotta learn how to use a computer, lol) all my gaming, and as of recently, all my streaming, are all done exclusively on Shadow...and I have no problems, runs smoothly. Keep in mind, I have little experience with computers and I was able to set up Shadow and run it with now problems, so its very user friendly as well

I’ve enjoyed their service so much, I went ahead and got on the waiting list for the Titan rig set up for this summer!

Hope this helps to anyone interested in Shadow….It’s definitely worth trying out!