LG webOS support?

  • 2 November 2020
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I really would like to see Shadow support for LG webOS. The LG OLED series is getting more and more popular and a real alternativ for gaming

Maybe it would be a good corporation? Shadow :hearts: LG?

Are there any plans? Is this even possible with the technical foundation?

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10 replies

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Hi @vashoxul 


You may find this article rather interesting.


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Thank you for the link:

"... Shadow is partnering with LG to help it expand its cloud gaming service in South Korea and to get its dedicated mobile and smart TV apps onto LG devices."

Sounds good to me. 😊👍

Is there any place where to lookup the progression or alpha testing?

Any new informations about WebOS and a Shadow app?

Hi I Just bought a LG Web OS TV to try shadow. How can I try it ? 

Also proud owner of a new LG 😍 any updates?

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@Bananenfrosch @Feanor @Fluffy741 

It's not warranted, if it's coming, but please vote for this feature request:


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I would love to see an app for LG WebOS TV’s

Got also one, would love to play with shadow on the 4K 120Hz display :))))

Is there an update on being able to use Shadow on an LG OS Smart TV?

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The partnership did not survive the bankruptcy.