Mouse and Keyboard for Mac

  • 19 March 2021
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i‘m thinking about buying a Gaming Mouse and Keyboard but I have absolutely no clue what to look for and i‘m a little worried about compatibility. I use a MacBook 13’. When I first started using Shadow I bought a Mouse from Sharkoon which I couldn’t configure because the drivers weren’t working on Shadow. So I would love to not do that again. So what do I have to look for when buying a gaming Keyboard and Mouse? Are there any recommendations? 


Thank you. 

2 replies



To be more precise:

Would this Keyboard: 

and this Mouse:

be compatible? 

I know that the Logitech G Hub Driver works on both Mac and Windows so that might indicate that they could work both on my MacBook and my Shadow. 

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@mxmthrn1899 I have not heard about compatibility issues with this keyboard and mouse. I guess you can order them and send them back if you are really experiencing issues.