Mouse Disappearing Behind Game Screen?

  • 27 March 2021
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Both me and my roomie are Shadow users, but we’ve both run into an issue. Whenever he loads up games like Valheim or 7 Days to Die, the video does not seem to connect with the game. As in the game will load but the mouse appears locked behind the game window as far as rotating the camera goes, but click will still perform whatever action it’s supposed to in whichever game. Example, in Valhiem right clicking is guarding and left clicking is attacking. Both of which still work but sliding the mouse from one side of the mousepad to the other will not make the camera rotate around you. All options for the game and steam were exhausted in attempting to fix this and it’s been suggested at this point by mutual friends that it may be an issue with shadow.

1 reply

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Try toggling mouse lock mode.