• 19 June 2020
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I completely understand the reason for not supporting RPI3, which is fair enough I accept that, but would shadow ever consider putting in place a method of supporting the use of parsec (in terms of detecting inactivity)

I plan on installing parsec on my shadow so I can use shadow on my rpi connected to my tv (which works flawlessly with my Google Cloud VM - changing from this to shadow due to costs once free trial runs out)


I don’t mind using the mobile shadow app whilst using parsec to confirm my activity every 30mins, but would obviously prefer not to if possible

1 reply

I tried asking yesterday and response I got was there is basically nothing they can do about it as it’s configured by their data center team.

What I don’t understand is shadow ghost is arm based, android is arm based but we can’t get support for raspberry pi 4 which is also arm based. 

The method I currently use to connect to shadow pc from my pi4 is just as good as the official client in both video stream quality and latency so I know for a fact it CAN handle the stream which I’ve heard reports that it couldn’t and that’s why they won’t support it. The only downfall is that stupid 30 minute timer that we have no control over and no way to access from alternative methods of connecting unless we babysit whatever device we initially connect from to get the stream working.