Raspberry Pi Beta Client

  • 5 February 2021
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Hello, wondering if Shadow has a beta program for upcoming releases. I’m interested in helping test the Raspberry Pi client.






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9 replies

Me too, id love a client. Prefer a dedicated program to replace the pi os, to make it like a mini shadow ghost

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This might be a good feature request: 

Please follow the following format to make said feature request:


  • Describe the Feature (required)

    • Provide a detailed description of the feature

    • If possible, see if you can come up with a valid solution for implementation

  • Any extra details you may want to put in specific to this feature. 

  • Application/device

  • Additional Context

It’s already on Shadow’s roadmap for 2021 -


We’re bringing in ARM processor support to our macOS and Linux application!

Thanks to this support, we’re also in the midst of developing a Raspberry Pi version for Shadow. This means you’ll soon be able to build your very own cheaper and just as powerful DYI Shadow Ghost.  


I’m asking if anyone knows how to get early access. Not having any luck on Discord either. If someone is able to help direct me I’m willing to provide feedback on issues and performance.



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I run Shadow on a Raspberry Pi 4b right now using Steam link, and it works pretty well at 30mb bitrate (it seems to crash over time at any higher bitrate). Hard wired connection is required.


Here are the quick details (you can also gather some of this online):

  • Install Raspian
  • Install steamlink for Linux (on RPi)
  • Run steamlink on RPi and pair your Shadow device (in Steam on Shadow)
  • Set Steam on Shadow to auto launch and open Big Picture mode.
  • Restart your Shadow
  • After Shadow is up, launch steamlink on RPi
  • Find the “power button” icon on Steam Big Picture (top-rightish) and click “Exit Big Picture Mode”
  • You will now be on your Shadow desktop and can run any game as usual.

Wait! Won’t my Shadow time out because the inputs are going through Steam? Yup :(

 So here is what I do:

  • Run Shadow on my Android phone at 5mbs and connect a keyboard/mouse/controller via Bluetooth or USB hub (I personally use a hub connected to the phone with a USB dongle.)
  • Once you have that set up you can use Shadow on your RPi via Steam link and it won’t time you out.

Just keep in mind that all your inputs to Shadow are coming from your phone (or whatever device), and the RPi is just outputting the visual via Steamlink (it can get confusing). Don’t try to control Shadow using the RPi or you will certainly time out or crash. Once I got everything set up, it’s been smooth sailing.

Apologies for the quick and dirty rundown. I’m not in front of my computer right now, but I can add more details if anyone needs them. I love running Shadow on my TV using the RPi, it’s awesome. An official Shadow client would be most amazing! :)

Excellent write up! Thanks for sharing! I may give this a shot on my Pi 400.

Any News on this? I'm really excited to install Shadow on my pi!

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@Waschbeton Still being worked on.


Happy new user here, I've seen the steam link solution but it still seems a bit hacky to me, any update on this? Would be happy to help as alpha, beta, whatever, user!

any updates on this @Phobos