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  • 21 June 2020
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Hi all,


Please can you recommend a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse for the Shadow Ghost? Do they work by connecting to the Shadow Ghost box directly or via a usb dongles? Are you able to pair keyboard, mouse and controller via Bluetooth at the same time?






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2 replies


I have been using Logitech G604 (Mouse) and G613 (Keyboard) with the dongles, I really wanted the software to be enabled so it required using USB 3.0 for them. However depending on what you are looking for, having a USB 3.0 hub with an external power input will allow you to maximize your ghost.


I personally use the hub because I use wireless headphones from time to time, have both my mouse and keyboard, and use a lefthand gamepad (Razer Tartarus v2) which all connect seamlessly when using the hub. 

I personally have had issues with Corsair when it comes to software, it disables my ability to use them when trying to connect them, but that may just be on me.

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Corsair has some nice stuff. I believe the Ghost is Bluetooth enabled, but I think the mouse and keyboard are going to work from a bluetooth dongle. The controller should work via bluetooth that the Ghost has though iirc.