Running Docker/WSL2, is this possible?

  • 23 August 2020
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Tried to install WSL2 and docker but failled to get this working. Docker tells me correctly to install the linux kernel, but the linux kernel installation fails. Just curious if this is even possible on Shadow? 

Device manager shows an issue with Microsoft Hyper-V Virtual machine bus driver, saying “ Windows cannot initialize the device driver for this hardware. (Code 37)” .


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8 replies

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You cannot install a virtual machine within a virtual machine (on shadow at least)


Thanks, that was what I was thinking. No problem, will use shadow for game and not for work:-)

It’s certainly possible to run nested virtual machines, the correct UEFI setting has to be applied though.


What are the correct UEFI settings?

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What are the correct UEFI settings?

Those are on the hardware/hypervisor/host side of things...not something we can change, and not something that Shadow staff will change.


ah yes that was my thinking, shadow has to enable nested-virt

Would love to have Docker possibilities as well. So I could use my Shadow as everywhere available PC for some code development tasks as well. Running docker containers would be a great feature.


Any chance docker will be some when supported?

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If folks need Docker or other Virtulization based tech I suggest checking out a VPS.