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  • 28 May 2020
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Hi everyone. 

I assume most people get a Shadow to play games, but do any of you use it for video editing? 

If so, how are you finding it? Powerful enough? Responsive? Music in beat, etc? 

What Editor do you use, and does this make a huge difference?

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3 replies

Sorry that should be “Shadow” for video editing! - Can’t edit the title!


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I mostly use my Shadow Boost to play games but I also used it for video editing and live streaming on twitch too. Shadow itself is powerful and its internet connection is fast enough for it to live stream smoothly. I use common programs to edit my video such as Adobe Premiere Pro and I have no problem with it at all. The only problem is that sometimes the storage isn’t enough but it could easily be fixed by buying more storage or clear up other apps. 


But Shadow is powerful enough to run high-end games such as COD:WZ and Battlefield at all ultra settings so I believe there won’t be any problem with video editing!


Originally gaming was all i used Shadow for.  Now I’ve expanded over time to using it for various things though I’ll admit I took the video and graphic editing software off because I work offline sometimes so I needed the licenses for my laptop and desktop.

Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects, Audition (This one I found better locally just because of audio equipment I use), Davinci resolve, and Hitfilm is all the stuff I used for my video editing and honestly, worked fantastically.  Rendering was a blast but it was the transferring of the footage and space on shadow that killed you before you could buy it.  At the time I mostly used it for clips for friends so it was not horrible if I added and deleted after I was done.  Now that you can add storage, it's good.