Shadow Ghost Reliability

  • 11 June 2020
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Hi community, I have been struggling to find the perfect setup for connection reliability for my Shadow.

I have been recently working from home and have been using my MSI laptop for streaming my Shadow PC. I have have minor issues with it but mainly due to my powerline adapter, sometimes the connection drops to an usable state and I have to swap to WiFi, but my MSI only connects to 2.4Ghz connection.

I have decided to plug my Ghost back in and use this over the WiFi at 5Ghz connection. I have checked my router settings and it shows the Ghost on a 5Ghz connection, it has an as good a speed as my Samsung S10+ but, when I login and run a automatic speed test it suggests to run with around 10Mb bandwidth?


There aren’t many devices on the network that would cause the connection to deteriorate, but it is becoming more frustrating to use. Using my ghost, I have to constantly restart the streaming because the video has frozen, or the audio is stuttering. Constantly trying to find the perfect bandwidth for a smooth experience, also trying to change the used protocol but nothing really is helping me at the moment. This can just be watching YouTube, no gaming included in the drop in quality.


Just curious if anyone has advice on how to get the best performance from their Shadow?


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I have personally been using a ghost with about the same setup, using my ghost with a 400+ 5Ghz connection but only can stream around 17-20Mb. I found that my router is bottlenecking with more than 4-5 devices, I am going to look into buying a non-ISP router soon (depending on how cheap I can find a WiFi 6 one). I have a single wall between me and my connection, about 20 feet away, but the connectivity does lessen later in the day with the amount of people using the service and your ping to the data center that your shadow is at. 

I say all this to say that you have to remember that your wifi will have degradation from your 100+ wired connection. Have you plugged your Ghost in with a wired connection? Have you removed all devices from your network before testing, then added them back on? Using the Ghost, you don't have the ability to assign your router to prioritize it from that I have seen, a lack of I QoS customization from the device I think, but I would encourage more research for that one.


My personal tweaks have been;

Utilizing the low connection mode.

Preferring Quality over Speed, although I get some screen tearing so I often will go back to Speed if it worsens.

Disable V-Sync or equivalent on your monitor if it is an option.

Check your HDMI cord, how long have you had it or is it damaged?


I personally will be looking to get a small form factor PC, like an Intel Nuc 9, or something that will work with WiFi 6 and have an integrated card for a more seamless experience.