Sim Wheel support on shadow

  • 26 February 2021
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I probably along with dozens of shadow users would love to use our sim racing setups because shadow can run all the racing games we can want, I would love to use my Thrustmaster TMX for my steam games because my laptop (Acer Nitro 5) isn't as powerful as shadow. The service is great other than the wheel support, I’d love to see what shadow team can do for us in the future

4 replies

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Have you tried using VirtualHere? It works better than the Shadow client’s USB forwarding for some people. Network latency (your distance from the Shadow data center) will be the limiting factor on functionality.

I tried and had no luck can’t get it to work? I have a Thrustmaster TMX, and it works great for Formula E racing in rFactor 2 on my Windows laptop. It took me a second to get it figured out and tweaked, but Shadow released a video on how to use USB peripherals, and following that worked great for me. Since I followed that guide, I’ve had a great experience in rF2 and even Euro/American Truck Simulator.


On the flip side, I can’t successfully play F1 2019 or 2018 for some reason. The game freezes as soon as I get control of the wheel (either after an automated drive out/flying lap or from standing start). I don’t have this issue with a standard gamepad, so it has to be something with the racing wheel.

I tried and had no luck

I had to use vituralhere as well. it takes a little finagling to get it to work. you have to know the region ip of your ip and put that into the VH client on shadow