Steam Deck compatibility

  • 19 July 2021
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Hey Shadow Fam!


Wondering if anyone has pre-ordered the Steam Deck and how they plan to use their Shadow on it. Also will Shadow have an explicit partnership to ensure quality experience on the Steam Deck? VERY curious to hear thoughts from the Shadow Team and Community!



7 replies

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Hey @BostonSsam

There is no public information about partnerships with valve/steam for the steam deck and I personally doubt that one will be established. Just like there is no partnership with Nintendo for the switches. Altho the steam deck is Linux based which would allow you to run shadow on it, but that depends on restrictions of the device. 

i pre ordered the Steam Deck 256Gb. i do hope Shadow will make a nice linux release we can launch the SteamOS Arch. The current ubuntu/debian should be able to launch...

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@Phobos apparently no limitations. Do just what you want with it. My take is if the Ghost is Linux there’s proof it works very well, especially proving cloud GAMING iv more than possible in a Real way. I’m excited to add more to the fun.


@xdurand Awesome, I got the 512 reserved! I think this is gonna be bigger than people realize... 

I just found that Shadow on Arch

We should be fine

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@BostonSsam Very good to know and hear. I am still traumatized by chromebooks with HW write protection. Spent like 2 days figuring out everything until I was finally able to boot Ubuntu hehe


I regularly use Shadow on my Arch Laptop (Same Distro Steam OS 3.0 is based on) and it works okay. FPS need to be limited to 60, or it stutters really bad, and my laptop gets very hot and loud. I wish they supported Linux officially…

Other than that, 60fps streaming works good.

Got my Steam Deck today, but so far was not successful in starting Shadow.


See my Issue Thread here:


I would have started a Support Ticket, but the Form does not even have an Option “Linux” As System you need Support for...