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  • 27 May 2020
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Hello all,


Just wondering if and how far people have gone with streaming using Shadow as their base? I’ve been playing with the idea of using Shadow as my platform for streaming D&D sessions - Using a display dice system via Discord, using Webcam captures etc to offer a visual element so that those tuning in can see myself and the players. 


I’m just wondering if anyone else has used Shadow for similar things and what success they’ve had? 


Biggest issue I’ve found so far is using peripherals over IP - Logitech C920 HD Pro webcam just goes green and jitters even though I’m using a 108MBps connection. Understandably it isn’t a foolproof way of routing but you all get the idea! 


Anyway, any ideas, suggestions or effective ways of doing this would be greatly appreciated or just a chat about your streaming ventures with Shadow!


Have a good one all!

6 replies


Since the main issue here seems to be the peripherals working over IP, might I suggest that you use the Shadow for the ‘game’ and use your local computer as the recording device? Point Streamlabs/OBS to record your Shadow session as one screen, then combine it with the local webcam?

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Logicmage3 has a good idea however if you are in my situation where your local PC stutters like crazy if you try to run both shadow and obs, the Blue Yeti mic was my best fix for streaming peripherals you do need to reboot the shadow after you’ve set the mic as your source/input but it really makes a difference, previously I had a 3.5m headset which sadly does not work with shadow for microphone streaming




So I started out doing precisely that @Logicmage3 - My laptop just doesn’t much appreciate being put under the strain of Shadow and SLOBS much like @Uncle Thelzar said. 


I honestly didn’t have any issues routing in my camera via mobile input, my biggest issue is that in SLOBS you use the Nvidia capture protocol for capturing other peoples camera’s, usually by way of something such as Skype and that’s where Shadow just gave me a hard NO and whatever I tried to fix that issue just didn’t seem to help much. Black spaces where people’s cams should have appeared. 


Perhaps I should have tried something other than Skype!

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I haven’t tried it yet, but it was suggested to use a cheaper usb webcam that doesn’t use quite so many resources (using the ability in shadow to share/use usb devices) paired with a program like facerig  or something similar though that may not work for sharing your tabletop game, you could also use programs like roll20 or tabletop simulator to allow you to stream it, also please feel free to pm your twitch link as I’d love to watch the game/s!


Another issue I just realized is that when I do it I don't have Skype or indeed anything but Shadow and OBS running. I don't have the need to download both Skype / Zoom and Shadow. My connection is only 20 MB/s so that wouldn't work. I have pip setup with Shadow as one source and my cam as the other. I also crop the webcam below max res to save computing power

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If I’m not mistaken I think your Shadow limits your upload to 100 Mbps so you may need to be mindful of that if you have too much streaming going on