stutter during non steam games

  • 23 February 2021
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I have cox gigablast. I hit at least 350MBps on WiFi and I hit around 600+ on eathernet. Running on an HP Envy with windows 10. 

I have no issues playing games like cyberpunk 2077 through steam, but I have issues with other platforms. 

I recently got ubisoft+ and when trying games like watchdogs legion or farcry 5 I have video stutter. It makes it unplayable. I've dropped my bandwidth allocation to 15-20MBps through shadow and that helps some what. Though that makes my experience terrible with a blury image. 

I've tried any settings I could find, including dropping the graphic quality in these games and it doesn't seem to help. I feel running CP2077 on med-high graphics and it working should show it could handle FarCry 5 no problem on low settings. 

If any one has any idea what I'm doing wrong it would be greatly appreciated. 


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Please note that Internet bandwidth is not the sole factor in determining stream quality. It’s also recommended to use Ethernet for consistent quality - WiFi will provide an inconsistent experience, no matter how “good” you think it is.

Can you provide a screenshot of your Quick Menu (WIN+ALT+O) during the problematic gameplay? It will look like this:



Let me reiterate I only have this issue with games that aren't from steam. Ubisoft connect I always have issues with stutter. 

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Can you provide the same screenshot(s) when running a Steam game that works well for you? Whether a game is from Steam or another store, shouldn’t matter for the streaming performance...hard to say what’s going on there. It’s why I like to use the (selecting the “Compare Frame Rates: Video Game Motion”) site for assessing stream performance.

In your settings under Streaming, is the preference set to “Prefer speed (UDP)” or “Prefer reliability (TCP)” ?

Also, are you testing with Ethernet? As those latency spikes are the types of things that will happen with WiFi.