sub £200 chromebook

  • 19 August 2021
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I'm looking at testing shadow to see if it's going to be suitable for what I need. 


I'm either going to buy a sub £200 Chromebook or a refurbed windows 10 laptop 


Which do people think would be better 


My connection is more than up to the job according to what's written on the shadow website but I want to try it out before investing in a better rig 

2 replies

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Hi @MCTshadows1987 
Check to see what ever you purchase meets the minimum requirements or exceeds them. -Gelgoog.

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As an owner of both, I would say get a refurbished WIndows 10 computer if you plan to go full-time with Shadow.

The ChromeOS keyboard doesn’t perfectly bind to the Shadow app. The best I can do to switch off the fuction keys on the top so that if I need to press F1 for example, I can do it without an issue.

Also, the mouse is a tad slower and if you have a touchscreen (I don’t think $200 Chromebooks got one, but just in case), Shadow doesn’t play with it well. So, it’s an adjustment.

I’m not saying anything bad about Chromebooks. I do love mine. I’m just saying it’s an adjustment.