The mouse wheel is no longer detecter in Ipad pro 2020 with IOS 15. I have shadow beta version 3.7.7

  • 21 September 2021
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My mouse wheel is not detected on my ipad pro 2020 with IOS 15 since I updated from IOS 14.7 to IOS 15. There will be some way to correct this problem since the wheel is essential for efficiency :sweat:

9 replies

I’m noticing this issue as well. It’s been intermittent between beta builds, but in the past 3 builds it’s consistently not working. At first I thought it was the type of mouse - since it only failed on one mouse I had - but now it’s not working on either mouse. Scroll works fine in the ipados operating system - so it has to be a Shadow bug. I”m running the latest testflight version and ipados 15.1 beta 1.


 The mouse wheel is used for so many little things - including scrolling loot in Apex when playing mouse + keyboard on ipad. Any fix to this would be awesome! Thanks guys for your amazing product - I use shadow for everything and it’s been phenomenal. 

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This will help shadow staff get started on the bug; 


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Same issue! Please fix!


mouse scrolling not working in iPadOS 15.0.2. 



Launch shadow, try to scroll with mouse. Note I have had intermittent success with the track pad on the magic keyboard.


Version: 3.7.7 downloaded from the App Store yesterday

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Hey guys! Apparently the guys at apple changed the behavior of the mouse with ipadOS 15. Vertical and horizontal scrolling got swapped, which has to be implemented in Shadow before that works again. If your mouse is capable of scrolling in a different direction it should work. Fingers crossed for a quick fix.

Any updates as to when we might expect a fix?


Same issue here.

Since iOS 15 update. 

I hope for a rapid fix.

I’m having the same issue sadly. Hopefully will be fixed asap.

Any updates on this?