• 29 August 2020
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I have a question, what are the limitations of Shadow? What things cannot/shouldn't be ran on the device (outside of malicious software of course). For example, could I use it as a programming environment? 

2 replies

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For the most part, you can use it as you wish...aside from the “malicious” activities like you say (or for things like crypto mining). Since it’s virtualized, you can’t run more virtualization software inside.

Your Shadow is a Windows 10 virtual machine that is dedicated to you (in terms of the storage), and you’ll have [mostly] full control over it. I say “mostly” because, while you have remote access to it, you don’t have hypervisor-level access to do things like viewing/controlling the full console and such.

One thing to keep in mind is the inactivity timer - if you won’t interact with the machine (via keyboard/mouse/controller) for 30 minutes, it will shut down. The service does not give you a computer that is powered on 24/7 (as most of us could not afford it if they did).

To add on to Jim29er’s comment, if you’re looking for a more general overview as well, I’d recommend checking out our Rules and Restrictions article.  Hopefully this will help as well!