Valheim performance

  • 16 February 2021
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Hey All - This is my first post, but I didn’t see this being discussed yet. Has anyone been playing Valheim on Shadow?  I have had Shadow for 6 months or so, and overall its been a fantastic service and games play wonderfully. However Valheim has had mediocre performance. Admittedly I ussually play on 4K resolution (i have base level Shadow). However dropping down to 1080p has not made much of a difference.  I am usually getting around 30 FPS. If I drop all settings to absolute minimum with lower resolution i can get maybe 50 FPS. It’s not an overly graphical game, and I dont see the computer system manager spiking too much.

Anyone else had similiar experience?  Any tips to increase the FPS?



1 reply

I can confirm this behavior. 


No matter what graphic settings I choose (even fullscreen, vsync or any resolution), I cannot get above 45 FPS.