What Devices Do We Officially Support?

  • 1 March 2022
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Yes, you can play Shadow on many, many, many devices. Yes, it is amazing. Will it work on your car’s screen? Who knows! 


Well… us and the rest of the #TeamShadow might know! 


In order to help each other out, please tell us in the comment section below which device you successfully used Shadow on! 


And to answer your question: we do have specific hardware and software requirements to make Shadow work that should tell you if it will work on your device:



And if you’re feeling generous, we’d love to see you come by the Shadow Setups topic to share pictures of your device experimentations. 🙃

1 reply

Strong LEAP-S1 android tv box does it for me, paid $75 for it.

It does have bluetooth that works with xbox controllers

there are also a total of 2 usb ports that you can use to plug in a mouse and keyboard.

5GHZ Wifi supported and 1x Ethernet cable input for stable networking.

Runs Android TV 10 OS with official google playstore to get apps/games, shadow app you can easily get there and it works great!

LEAP-S1 in combination with shadow service is my primary gaming pc, with both mouse and keyboard i am controlling it fully like a normal pc, xbox series s controller can be connected any time to use in games or as mouse (mouse mode can be toggled with a button combination on the controller) - this is helpful if you have no mouse plugged in the usb.

For the money this android box is great value.

more detail here