What part should i replace/upgrade on this old pc?

  • 26 April 2022
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Hi, so i got this old computer Click here for specification and i run it with an old Gpu (Nvidia 9800 GT). Ive been playing some games on it with Shadow, mostly Borderland and nowlots of Tiny Tina Wonderlands, but i notice that i lag alot, my internet is stable 1000/1000, so im all aware its about my crappy hardware. Do you guys have any idea what i might replace in this PC in order for it to perform better in shadow? like an ssd? give me ideas, i wont buy another computer, i just want this one to perform better than it does. Having a hard time telling what components that are compatible and so on. 


If you were stuck with this PC, what would u start with to change in order to perform better in Shadow? i dont wanna buy a new motherboard with cpu and stuff. So whats your thoughts?

0 replies

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