Will Shadow PCs be compatible with Windows 11?

  • 24 June 2021
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I ran the Microsoft’s PC compatibility checker for Windows 11 on my Shadow PC and it said the machine wasn’t compatible, though it didn’t say why. Will Shadow PCs be made compatible with Windows 11 by the time it’s officially released later this year? 


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Hi @GenericUser 

When windows 11 is released, work will be done to test compatibility when the time is right. -Gelgoog. 

What are the criteria for determining the right time?

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What are the criteria for determining the right time?

When it’s not a developer preview, and they can make sure that there’s no changes that would randomly cause your Shadow to brick itself.


I can tell i just updated to the  actual windows 11 insider build on a Shadow with no problem.

i will not put my hand yet on it but works better then 10 so far and everything seems to be a little quicker  but will see after some more testing

So Long



No problem for me. My shadow PC runs W11 insider builds like a charm.

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Fair warning: Microsoft has started enforcing the TPM 2.0 requirement in the latest dev builds (22463.1000 being one of them), even in virtual machines. So, while Windows 11 may be working on Shadow PCs now, there may come a point where newer versions will not install, until the underlying [virtual] hardware requirements are met.


Hi, it will be wise for Microsoft and Shadow Team to discuss this case. Windows 11 will be installed on VMware, Shadow Blade and others virtual HW. Maybe, the policy of Microsoft is to drain people to Microsoft365 and is low performance virtual PC. I am confident in the determination of Shadow team and OVHCloud to defend their position. Shadow PCs are a very good alternative to have a very good workstation in the cloud. 

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@PhilippeRuaudel Microsoft is not going to change requirements for niche providers, but it is true that those providers have the ability to implement vTPM in their systems...the question is how soon they will do it.