Would be possible to enable Air Link for Quest?

  • 26 April 2021
  • 1 reply

Since it is already possible to stream VR content using Shadow via Virtual Desktop or Shadow’s own app, do you think would be possible to enable native air link so we can have better latency and smoothenes by using ASW? 

P.S. If you do, please don’t forgot the Mac users!

1 reply

I actually found a way to use Air Link, you need to sideload the AirLinkNow apk file to your headset, and you need to sign up to a service called ngrok (which is free) to work.

So first, enable Air Link on the Oculus Software.

Second, open Resource Monitor.

Go into the Network tab in Resource Monitor and then click the checkmark next to “OVRServer_x64.exe”

Click “Listening Ports” on Resource monitor, and then get the port from OVRServer_x64.exe

Now, if the port from OVRServer_x64.exe was 98765, then in ngrok.exe, you would type “ngrok tcp 98765”.

Open AirLinkNow on your Quest/Quest 2, then do the following.

If your forwarding address was something like, then in the Computer IP spot on AirLinkNow, you would put in, and then in the port spot, you would put 12345.

After putting the forwarding address and port into AirLinkNow, press Launch Air Link.

You now have Air Link on Shadow!