XBox FUSION Pro Wired Controller on macOS

  • 14 January 2021
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Hello Shadowers,


Received the PowerA Fusion Pro Xbox Wired USB (no bluetooth) controller for Christmas

It does work well with macOS Catalina and Shadow but I had to fiddle around a little first. Wanted to share how I got working and some ongoing quirks.


  1. Updated the firmware to latest
  2. Installed 360Controller Driver for macOS:
  3. Reboot, and plug in controller
  4. Goto System Preferences->Xbox 360 Controllers and check the Controller appears and works in Controller Test
  5. Finally, make sure you click Advanced->Pretend to be an XBox 360 Controller checkbox


Launch Shadow and start streaming. Controller should appear in shadow’s list of controllers and work in your games.

IMPORTANT: Every time you reboot, or unplug the controller you’ll have to uncheck and recheck the checkbox Advanced->Pretend to be an XBox 360 Controller. It still seems to work if you just go to sleep.

I found that I didn’t have to do the My Shadow->Use my USB devices on my Shadow to get it to work.



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1 reply

With the release of 3.9.5 client, the controller now shows up as BDA Xbox One Wired Controller making the Pretend to be an XBox 360 Controller checkbox unnecessary.

Unsure if it still needs the github driver at all anymore. Don’t want to mess with it and bust it again!