XBox FUSION Pro Wired Controller on macOS

  • 14 January 2021
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Hello Shadowers,


Received the PowerA Fusion Pro Xbox Wired USB (no bluetooth) controller for Christmas

It does work well with macOS Catalina and Shadow but I had to fiddle around a little first. Wanted to share how I got working and some ongoing quirks.


  1. Updated the firmware to latest
  2. Installed 360Controller Driver for macOS:
  3. Reboot, and plug in controller
  4. Goto System Preferences->Xbox 360 Controllers and check the Controller appears and works in Controller Test
  5. Finally, make sure you click Advanced->Pretend to be an XBox 360 Controller checkbox


Launch Shadow and start streaming. Controller should appear in shadow’s list of controllers and work in your games.

IMPORTANT: Every time you reboot, or unplug the controller you’ll have to uncheck and recheck the checkbox Advanced->Pretend to be an XBox 360 Controller. It still seems to work if you just go to sleep.

I found that I didn’t have to do the My Shadow->Use my USB devices on my Shadow to get it to work.



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