Apple tvOS default "MessageBox" Implementation

  • 22 February 2021
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I use the tVOS version of Shadow all the time, and the one thing that’s always annoyed me is the “Controller Plugged In” notification.


Whenever you start your Shadow, it will immediately prompt you with a message that looks like a standard “MessageBox” type interface where you have to press ‘OK’ to continue..

Normally that’d be fine, however, you CANNOT use the controller to press the ‘OK’ button.  You have to reach over and find the Apple TV remote or your phone in order to continue.


My request is simply to either replace this with a passive ‘Notification’ that goes away after a few seconds, or with an interface that will accept Controller input to press the ‘OK’ button.


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@iarebatman Please follow the template listed here: How Feature Requests Work | Community (

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