Forward USB Devices on Android/Google TV app

  • 10 February 2021
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Feature Request

While the USB forwarding function on the desktop app is fantastic and essential for some of my controller devices. I find the USB support on Android very lacking and would benefit from a similar feature.

  • The USB issue is especially troublesome with the keyboard. Being unable to use essential function keys let me Alt and Windows key is very frustrating for any windows power users out there.
  • While I understand Shadows desire to market themselves as pickup and play. Anyone who is savy enough to understand the value of your product most likely knows how to use powered USB hubs and would appreciate the option.
  • VirtualHere has Google tv support and is able to function rather well in the background forwarding my devices to the shadow PC so I know my device could pull it off. It's unfortunate that VirtualHere is terrible when working over the net. It would be great to have a non-buggy option for this.

Android, Google TV

Additional Context:

I also read something about getting the Shadow Team an Island. I think that's a very good idea. They seem like they could use a break.

1 reply


Commenting to follow as I too could do with a good solution for usbs on Android.