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  • 19 January 2021
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Hey #TeamShadow,

We have an exciting announcement for you forum-goers:

The Feature Request category is now live!


This new category is the perfect place to see if anyone else has come up with a similar suggestion to yours or to even suggest one that hasn’t been implemented!

You can also:
-Get your feature directly in dev hands and make significiant changes to Shadow

-Help build Shadow to be the best it can be!


We’ll aim to acknowledge all your posts as best we can, while maintaining their status according to development updates.


To do so, we ask a few favors:

  • Check for duplicates before posting.

    • Duplicates will be merged/removed

    • If you find another user with the same request, reply with device information to that issue thread


Then complete a few requirements to post in the category:

  • Describe the feature

  • Any extra details you may want to put in specific to this feature. 

  • Application/device

  • Additional Context

⚠️For Steps on submitting Feature Request or more information, click here!⚠️

And you’re all set to post your first feature request!


If you want to stay in touch with other Shadower’s Feature Requests, click on the “Subscribe” button!


Those most curious about the status of individual issues can follow the status of the bug using this guide:

  • New: The feature was recently posted
  • Under Review: The feature has our attention
  • Backlog: The feature will be implemented, but is prioritized behind larger fixes or requests.
  • In Progress: We’re actively working on this feature
  • Implemented: The feature has now been implemented
  • Blocked: The feature request will not be implemented.​​

Now that you have an idea of submitting feature requests, be off and be free!

Happy adventuring, #TeamShadow!

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