How Bug Reporting Works

  • 25 January 2021
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Bugs can be entertaining until they hinder your progression :sweat_smile:

We do our best to provide you with a seamless experience but bugs can occur. With your help identifying and detailing these issues, we can prioritize our work based on what matters most to you, #TeamShadow!

So how does this work?

  • Use the search bar to see if the bug you’re experiencing has been reported.
  • If so, upvote it and provide additional details that may help in the comments.
  • If not, create and post a Bug Report here (follow the format below)
  • We’ll monitor this channel and prioritize fixes balancing severity, scope​, and votes in parallel with support tickets.


This section is only for bug reports that pertain to Shadow itself, the Shadow launcher, and the Shadow Ghosts.  For all other bug reports, please reach out to our support team through your account page.

Please make sure that the bug you are submitting isn’t already a known issue.  To check our known issues, click here.


When posting, please follow this Bug Report format:

Copy and paste the template below and fill it out in your post:

  • Describe the bug (required)
    • Provide a detailed description of the bug
    • Include screenshots if possible
    • Describe the bug behavior VS. the expected behavior (what should happen if working properly)
  • Steps to reproduce the bug (required)
    • Provide explicit step-by-step actions to re-create the bug.
    • Example:
      • 1. Start Shadow
      • 2. Plug in headset XXX
      • 2. Open the Quick Menu and go to Microphone tab
      • 3. Try to forward the headset’s mic
    • After these steps, does the bug occur 100% of the time? Or sometimes?
  • Application/device, official or beta, and version number (required)
    • Example: Windows official Launcher v4.14.19 Client v3.2.17
  • Additional Context
    • Provide any additional information here
      • Include relevant logs, DxDiag or specs of your computer, connection speedtest results, additional screenshots or video, etc.
      • The approximate date/time that you first started to notice the bug
      • Any other relevant info that could be useful


A few tips when posting

  • Be sure to use the search feature to avoid duplicating a reported bug. Keeping the votes to one post will increase the post’s visibility.
  • View the status tags. It’s possible that we’re already aware or actively working on a fix.
  • Fill out all the required information above in the Bug Report when possible. A good report helps us better understand and investigate the bug faster. Bad reports with missing info may not be accepted.
  • If the bug is accompanied by an error code, be sure to post in our Technical Assistance sub category.


Status tags breakdown

  • New: The bug was recently posted
  • Under Review: The bug has our attention
  • Backlog: The bug will be fixed, but is prioritized behind larger fixes.
  • In Progress: We’re actively working on a fix
  • Resolved: The bug has now been resolved
  • Blocked: The bug fix is hindered. (This could be due to a larger fix, update, or feature that will resolve the issue.​​
  • Attempting Reproduction: The team is currently working on reproducing the bug.
  • Fixed in Alpha: A fix for this bug has been released in the Alpha client
  • Rejected: This bug has been rejected

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