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  • 18 February 2022
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Bonus points for looking at the rules before posting anything. By doing this, you’re officially above 98.9% of humankind! 

Anyways, you were already special since you are part of #TeamShadow. 😏


But let’s stop the bragging and get to the explaining: how can you be the best contributor ever on this forum?  


When publishing a new topic: 


You will see 3 different buttons, which has, as you might have already guessed, 3 different purposes:


  • 🤔 Questions: By clicking on this button, you will let other community members know you need help with… a question! Didn’t expect that one, huh? Once the “Question” button is chosen, others will be able to directly view it from the “Help Others” tab. 

  • 🗨️ Conversations: When you don’t need any help, but want to talk about a specific topic, use this option.  

  • 💡 Ideas: Want to give us feedback, share your thoughts and offer new ideas? This is the place for you!  


In a general manner, see this forum as your safe haven. A place where you can share, receive help from the community, chat, find gaming buddies, or even discuss with staff members! 


But before posting anything, we would like to invite you to read a few other topics to be fully prepared when jumping into our precious forum! 


👉 The forum rules & guidelines

👉 How badges work

👉 How ranks work


Welcome to #TeamShadow 🚀!

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