Android/Google Tv - Joystick - Hotas - VirtualHere - Flight Simulation

  • 30 November 2022
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I try to clarify how to use your USB devices with SHADOW PC.

There are many similar topics but I personally struggle to put all the information together. As per object my goal is to understand how to connect a joystick (Thrust Master HOTAS X in my case) with shadow pc using an android tv or google tv WITHOUT A COMPUTER.

Any step by step suggestion is welcome.

This Step not work for me right now, but i’m try o understand how to solve:

  • hotas in X-box mode (trying pc mode later)
  • Install on google tv/android tv VIRTUAL HERE SERVER
  • Virtualhere give me message that detect my HOTAS
  • Virtuslhere ask me permissin and i give
  • Open (in google tv/android tv) Shadow PC
  • Install VIRTUALHERE client
  • Open virtualhere

at this moment i’m stuck… virtualhere in AUTO MODE dosn’t detect any connection, i will try to insert manually…. 

keep you update, please help if you know the solution.

My final target is to use my Thrust Master Hotas X with X-plane flight simulator.

Hoper this will work and help someone

Have a nice day



2 replies


Virtual here in auto mode not found any usb 

Trying insert manualy local ip:7575 ( example)

no usb found

I try to insert differt ip suppose that i insert the wrong but nothing change.

I don’t know what to know… continue to work around to find solution.

Any suggestions?

sorry no update this post till long time.

Unfortunately no solving on android TV, on PC solved using TAILSCALE and VirtualHub or much better with SHADOWS BETA that work without any other program.

Hope this help