Any Luck With Star Citizen?

  • 12 January 2022
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I just downloaded Star Citizen and it is running really slowly. About 15-20fps. I haven’t had any issues on other games (Foxhole, DayZ, etc) and they generally run 30-60fps. 


I have tried playing with the different quality settings and nothing seems to help. Does anyone have any tips or is it just too much game for the Shadow computers?




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2 replies

base Shadow PCs only have 12gb ram StarCitizen needs at least a good 32-64gb of ram to get anywhere near 60fps


Had Star Citizen running on my ShadowPC since December 2018, 1440p, High to ultra high graphic settings, even with joysticks connected.

Works fine, and good FPS, I will say.

BUT, wired network, and a good one, wired mouse (and a good one), Star Citizen installed on C: drive! Minimise everything running on ShadowPC, when running Star Citizen. That means Do Not start, or autorun anything else then Star Citizen.

I use a Macbook Pro, and have done that the whole subscription period and still do.

When I have challenges with Star Citizen, I need to shut-down the ShadowPC, restart it, and ensure that noting else starts on the WindowOS, no Steam, Epic or any other game launchers, Zero, no Discord, TeamSpeak and so on.

When this are written, I fighting WindowsOS on the usage of Standby RAM, and I do not know why I need to do so, I have my suspicion to Windows OS here, in combination to Shadows software, but I do not know what more I can do.