Anyone else feel like they're in the future with Shadow?

New to the forums as are most :)

I’ve been away from PC gaming for ~8 years since having kids. I’ve been almost exclusively on my PS4 since that time.

I found Shadow through my Oculus Quest when I researched why Virtual Desktop was so popular on the Quest store. I’ve been down an amazing rabbit hole ever since.

I was first floored by the Oculus Quest and it’s wireless VR (coming from Google Goggles, GearVR, PSVR). But then, throwing in wireless PC quality gaming from a cloud-based PC, in a datacenter hundreds of miles away with latency so low, my super-VR sensitive wife spent the first night in Google Earth VR until the battery died.

This is a wonderland I could only imagine as I tried OnLive for the first time back in ~2014 and glimpsed what cloud gaming could do (very similar to Stadia). Has anyone else had the same kind of experience?


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Every time I download an 80gb game in less than 15 mins on my shadow I think to myself, this is the future. Also, seamlessly switching between my devices mid game just feels awesome. I keep on trying to compare other cloud pc services to shadow, but they really just don’t offer the same things.


This is 100% the future of gaming in my opinion, and if you ask me...its awesome.


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Yes I like it a lot! Its great, its the only reason I can play any games at the moment! Hopefully I can experience its full potential sooner or later too)