Anyone reccomend an ideal monitor to use with shadow boost?

  • 27 January 2021
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My budget is max 400.. I'm all ears to different sizes but I'd want atleast 27'

3 replies

I have the Acer Nitro xv270 

27'’ and this screen works perfect for me! :) 

The last few weeks I was searching for monitors with the same budget in mind.

I was looking for 32 inch curved which I want to use with Shadow but also for work.


I  decided to order a Dell S3220DGF (32’, 2k, 165Hz ) curved monitor for 390€ on amazon.

If you are interested and a bit patient I could provide my opinion next week.


A similar alternative would be the AOC CQ32G1.

Or if you are looking for ultra-wide and are ready to sacrifice refresh rate: LC Power LC-M34-UWQHD-100-C-V2 (100HZ), which a friend of mine is using (without shadow) and likes a lot.

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I'm using the LG 27UL850.

Its a perfect allround video editor monitor.
It supports up to 4k 60fps with hdr, and as bonus there are some good loud speakers in it with a richfull bass.