Bad VR performance

  • 30 July 2021
  • 1 reply

Hi there!

I have quest 2 connected using virtual desktop. Virtual desktop is set to 72hz and low resolution. Since I have fifer connection latency isn't a big issue for me. In 72hz mode I get about 50-60ms, but in 120 it's down to 40-50.

I tried playing Half Life Alyx and Star Wars Squadrons, both on low settings. HL is almost playable, FPS is 65-70. Using FPSVR I can see gpu is the bottleneck. With Star Wars the fps is around 40-50, so totally unplayable.

Has anyone here played any of these successfully? Maybe there’s a specific gaming-oriented driver I need to download or something?

1 reply

I also noticed that my GPU utilisation is never even close to 100%. But my CPU is not the bottleneck by far either. What could it be then?