best FiveM to play on a shadow pc

  • 9 January 2021
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Hi all I'm here to welcome all new n existing fivem gamers to come join either 1 of my fivem communities

•I got A Serious British RolePlay Server Called:

Chilled Vibes RP Community

•you get £420 grand for joining,

•you can choose multiple Characters to live separate lives,

•own ANY HOUSE on the server ANY AT ALL,

•use your phone to call out your vehicle to you

•plus take pictures in game for it to link it auto to a channel on click to join discord server 

+ many more things but not enough space to list them all join the discord n ask for more info


or we have our

FreeRoam NON RP Community called:

Chilled Vibes FreeRoam Community

tons of addon Vehicles,

297 addon peds,

•lots of custom addon maps, (like the Simpsons Hit n Run),

•script hook enabled, (please note you can mod freely in the freeroam server but not the roleplay)

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