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  • 11 June 2020
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Any recommendations for setup to defeat latency? 

Just curious as sometimes latency gets really bad…


Thanks for the heads up!


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Do you have any more details on your connection? There are multiple factors that can impact your connection to Shadow. The biggest factor will be your overall home connection.

  • Ethernet versus Wi-Fi
  • Latency towards the server generally
  • Overall network load

Etc.. If you share more details on your current set-up we might be able to help.

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Hi My40oz2Freedmon,


Here are steps you can take to reduce ping on your own network starting from simplest to the most complex.

  1. switch to ethernet for your device.
  2. set shadows bandwidth to 40 - 50% of your connection speed. for example, if you have 100mbps you would set it to 40 or 50 mbps 
  3. Enable QOS (quality of service) and prioritize shadows application on your network. (must admit that this requires some rather extensive networking knowledge to deploy properly.) 

I had issues with latency when I used the auto detect function, what I eventually did was manually check in increments of 5 back from 80 it seems to be most stable (atleast for me) at 10mb, another option if you cant swap to ethernet is to make sure you have a good 5ghz connection as 2.4ghz might be good for range it isnt great for latency/speed if you are having issues with range/reception and you use android try using an app called wifi analyzer with the dbm meter the closer you get to -40 the better your experience will be