Blade & Soul With Shadow

  • 28 July 2021
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My speeds -


Yo… I’m so happy right now. Earlier I installed B&S and I was getting 56fps out in the fields at max graphics. During combat, I was getting around 30fps on average when there are a lot of mobs on the screen. This is far better than the 12fps I was getting on my laptop.

The gpu shadow uses is the Quadro P5000. I finally have something to compare to. So now I know for B&S at least during combat, I need something stronger to reach at least 45fps during combat. I hope shadow will give us upgrade options in the future.

Once I save enough money, I’ll probably grab a gtx 3070 ( Once I do, I’ll probably no longer need shadow. But for now, I can finally play this game with good speeds. However, there is something I’m confused about.

How come my ping in B&S is far better through shadow than without it? My ping was 55ms out in the fields. Normally its always above 123ms average B&S server is in Texas so its pretty far. The Shadow server is further away from Texas so I’m very curious why I can get these faster pings remotely than on my laptop?

After about 2 hours of playing B&S, my latency shot up. Perhaps because everyone got off work?

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