Can't Get Alien Isolation to Work on Shadow VR on Quest 2

  • 1 December 2021
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I have managed to set up Shadow VR on the Quest 2 and get it working perfectly (with some help from here!). I can play Half-Life Alyx and Google Earth VR seamlessly.

I was lucky enough to grab Alien Isolation on the free Epic Games day. I have downloaded the latest VR mod which includes VR for the Epic Games version and added it to the Alien Isolation folder. I have added the Epic version to my Steam library. When I try to launch the game however I either get the ‘Playing next’ type box then nothing or I get just the sound of the game. I even launched Google Earth VR and the sound from the Alien welcome page continued playing. The only way to stop it is to go back to the 2D desktop (where I can still hear the sound from Alien) and close the game down. I did once get the game to launch in the 2D desktop and chose ‘Mother VR’ version but after that it wouldn’t load. Any ideas on what I may be missing/doing wrong?


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