Current Storage Size - What should be the minimum?

  • 27 August 2020
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I wanted to add this as with the new tiers for Shadow being largely pushed back till sometime next year it leaves many of us with the current storage (256 GB).

Personally I’d argue that this amount of storage isn’t marketable for a Gaming PC now or in the future. Far too many of the games being released now and upcoming can easily exceed 60 GB in size alone. This leaves little space for more than 2 or 3 games in total at any one time. To say nothing of DLC, Modding or Steam Workshop content. GTA, Master Chief Collection (Halo) and Flight Simulator are examples of this trend.

I myself also use my Shadow to do work, watch content and use other software. All of this on 256 GB? Means making sacrifices…

I’ve added a simple poll to this topic and I hope as many people as possible will take part. I really think Shadow needs to re-evaluate their Storage needs, and tiers to take current gaming trends into account. The specs of the tiers are nice but the storage is what most gamer’s are going to notice first, or lack thereof.

My personal recommendation would be for 500 GB to be the minimum, with Infinite getting the 1 TB. The other specs staying as they are.

How much Storage do you consider the Minimum needed for a Gaming PC?

3 replies

Yesssss ageeed!

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Please vote if you see this topic. More votes would help show what we want from the community.



256gb is really really too low for nowaday pc especially for gaming.. 

dam, i(‘ve installed the avengers and that’s prolly it, i would have to delete it if i wanna play something else.. lol


i wish i could at least get a bit of storage but it looks like it aint gonna be the case for a while